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Undergraduate Programs:

•    Degree in "Forestry and Environmental Sciences" (L-25 Class)
•    Degree in "Biotechnology" (L-2 Class)
•    Degree in "Food and Wine Technologies" (L-26 Class)
•    Degree in "Landscape and Environmental Planning and Design" (L-21 Class)

•    Degree in "Gastronomic and wellness sciences, cultures and politics (joint degree)" (L/GASTR Class) 


Graduate Programs:
•    Master degree in " Forestry and Environmental Sciences " (LM-73 Class)
•    Master degree in "Industrial biotechnology for health and well-being" (LM-8 Class)
•    Master degree in "Food Science and Technology" (LM-70 Class) (inter-university degree)

•    Master degree in "Landscape architecture" (LM-3 Class) (inter-university degree)



Single cycle degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage LMR/02


Italian language courses for Incoming Students

Language service unit
Located in the San Carlo Campus, the Language Service Unit is part of the DISTU Department. It provides foreign language learning support for all degree courses available at the University. One of the functions of the Language Service Unit is to manage and carry out placement tests to certify the entry level of English and to host certifying authorities for internationally recognised exams in the following languages: Portuguese and Chinese. It also arranges courses of Italian as a second language for visiting foreign students.
The Unit is equipped with four multimedia labs; the multimedia platform Unitus Moodle provides additional study support for users. Besides arranging language tests to assess language competence levels according to CEFR, the Language Service Unit organises numerous language courses along with activities promoting language acquisition, also on behalf of third parties. It offers, for example, refresher courses, general language courses and language courses for specific purposes, at all levels.

Exam and credit recognition
In some degree courses at the University of Tuscia, students with a language certification can be exempted from taking the foreign language examination and/or language exam credits can be awarded by the University. Language certifications allow some students to have ‘extra credits’ or ‘additional language skills’.