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PUBBLICAZIONI Progetto di Eccellenza  -  2019


Area Tematica 1. Ecologia e gestione degli ecosistemi

  1. Rodríguez A., Chiti T., Rey A., Durán J. (2019) Forest die-off reduces soil C and N content and increases C stability in a Mediterranean woodland. Geoderma, 359: 113990.
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Area Tematica 2. Tecnologie e qualità alimentari.

  1. Moscetti R., Massantini R., Fidaleo M. (2019) Application on-line NIR spectroscopy and other process analytical technology tools to the characterization of soy sauce desalting by electrodialysis. Journal of Food Engineering, 263: 243-252.
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Area Tematica 3. Biodiversità, biologia applicata e bioprodotti

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Area Tematica 4. Paesaggi naturali e culturali

  1. Biasi R, Brunori E, Ferrara C, Salvati L. (2019). Assessing impacts of climate change on phenology and quality traits of Vitis vinifera L.: The contribution of local knowledge. Plants, 8: 1-18.
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PUBBLICAZIONI Progetto di Eccellenza  -  2018

Area Tematica 1. Ecologia e gestione degli ecosistemi

  1. Tauro F, Tosi F, Mattoccia S, Toth E, Piscopia R, Grimaldi S. (2018). Optical Tracking Velocimetry (OTV): leveraging optical flow and trajectory-based filtering for surface streamflow observations. Remote Sensing, 10(12) 2010.


Area Tematica 2. Tecnologie e qualità alimentari

  1. Chillemi G, Anselmi M, Sanna N, Padrin C, Balducci l, Cammarata M, Pace P, Chergui M, Benfatto M (2018) Dynamic multiple-scattering treatment of X-ray absorption: Parameterization of a new molecular dynamics force field for myoglobin. Structural Dynamics, 5, 054101.


Area Tematica 3. Biodiversità, biologia applicata e bioprodotti

  1. Olivieri C., Bugli F., Menchinelli G., Veglia G., Buonocore F., Scapigliati G., Stocchi V., Ceccacci F., Papi M., Sanguinetti M., Porcelli F. (2019). Design and characterization of chionodracine-derived antimicrobial peptides with enhanced activity against drug-resistant human pathogens. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 8: 41331.