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Laboratorio di Protezione delle piante

The Laboratory of Plant Protection of DIBAF - University of Tuscia, focuses on epidemiology, ecology and aetiology of Plant Pathogens in agriculture, natural and semi-natural environments. Specific skills are on advanced molecular barcoding for diagnostics and biodiversity studies (including HTS); alien invasive fungi and oomycetes, insect-pathogens associations, IPM applied to agriculture and agroforestry ecosystems.

Responsabile Prof Andrea VanninI

Plant Pathology Team

Andrea Vannini (Full Professor) is a mycologist and plant pathology scientist mainly involved in studies on protection of natural and semi-natural, and urban terrestrial systems. Specific skills are on ecology of plant-pathogens interactions; impact of Invasive Forests Pathogens and strategies of early detections. He is currently full professor at the Department for Innovation in Biological Systems, Food and Forestry DIBAF. Scientific literature available at E-mail

Gabriele Chilosi (Associate Professor) is a plant pathologist. His research is mainly focused on innovative and sustainable control strategies of the main diseases caused by fungal and oomycete pathogens along the production chains of durum wheat, horticultural crops (melon, tomato, potato) and grape. The research approach is holistic involving factors affecting pathogen epidemiology, soil fertility, beneficial and antagonistic microorganisms. Scientific literature is available at E-mail


Maria Pia Aleandri (PhD) is a plant pathologists and microbiologist with specific skills in microbial community dynamic and assessment from environmental samples including composts; classical and molecular detection of plant pathogens. Scientific literature available at E-mail

Carmen Morales-Rodriguez (PhD) is a biologist and plant pathologist with specific skills in microbial communities’ assessment and analysis by means of High Throughput Sequencing technologies (Illumina MiSeq; Nanopore MinION); biological control of plant pathogens; Invasive Forest Pathogens early detection. Scientific literature is available at E-mail

PhD students

Sofia Pagliarani (PhD student) is carrying out studies on microbial landscaping of bacterial communities associated to Tuber spp. mycorrhizae on different broadleaved hosts. Her PhD fellowship is co-funded by the Urbani Tartufi s.r.l. ( E-mail

Giorgia Bastianelli (PhD student) is carrying out studies on the fungal communities colonizing chestnut fruits in pre- and post-harvest and on methods of control, including the reduction of mycotoxin impact and contamination. Her PhD fellowship is co-funded by the Mastrogregori s.r.l. ( E-mail

MS students

Merima Jasarevic (MS student) is carrying out studies on the fungal community associated to the invasive Ambrosia beetle Xylosandrus compactus. E-mail

Administrative staff

Roberta Libriani supervises the administrative and logistic activity of the Laboratory of Plant Protection including projects preparation and reporting. E-mail


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Il Laboratorio di Protezione delle Piante è impegnato in un Progetto per il recupero della sughereta di San Vito, una delle sugherete più importanti d'Europa