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LCA carne bovina  (WP2)


Proprietà antitumorali dell'olivo  (WP4, WP5, WP7)


Uso sostenibile delle risorse forestali  


Sustainable control strategies for plant protection and food packaging sectors by natural substances and novel nanotechnological approaches 


Frontiers 2018 Phenotyping  (WP6)


Proprietà antiossidanti ed anti-infiammatorie di estratti da bucce di melograno (WP4, WP5)


Micropropagation and Ex Vitro Rooting of Wolfberry


Enhancing grain size in durum wheat using RNAi to knockdown GW2 genes


Does Fe accumulation in durum wheat seeds benefit from improved whole-plant sulfur nutrition?


Revisiting Fe/S interplay in tomato: A split-root approach to study the systemic and local responses


Proprietà anti-infiammatorie di estratti da bucce di kiwi (WP4, WP5)


 Optimization of hazelnut micropropagation 


A new species of the genus Deinodryinus Perkins


A new species of the genus Gonatopus Ljungh


Gonatopus jaliscanus sp. n., a new Pincer wasp


Use of ROOT to build a software optimized for parameter estimation and
simulations with Distributed Delay Model


Effect of Glu-D1 gene introgression and amylose content on breadmaking potential of blends of durum and hexaploid wheat


Effect of Glu-D1 introgression on dough- and pasta-making quality of durum wheat lines with different glutenin composition and amylose content


Wheat ATI CM3, CM16 and 0.28 Allergens Produced in Pichia Pastoris Display a Different Eliciting Potential in Food Allergy to Wheat


Proprietà anti-infiammatorie di estratti da bucce di melograno con prove in vitro su linee cellulari intestinali umane Caco-2 e ex-vivo su espianti di tessuti di colon di maiale (WP4, WP5)


Sensitivity Analysis of Different Parameters on the Performance of a CHP Internal Combustion Engine System Fed by a Biomass Waste Gasifier


Process analysis of hydrogen production from biomass gasification in fluidized bed reactor with different separation systems


A Comparison of Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms for the Retrieval of Wheat Biophysical Variables from Sentinel-2


Day-Length Is Involved in Flooding Tolerance Response in Wild Type and Variant Genotypes of Rootstock Prunus cerasifera L.


The changes of climate may threat the production of Grana Padano cheese: past, recent and future scenarios


Rinaturalizzazione dei Rimboschimenti di Pino Nero: Aspeti Storici e Gestione Odierna


‘Biotecnologie, frumento e salute: nuovi alimenti per prevenire malattie correlate alla dieta’ pubblicato online su Agronotizie


Exploring the drivers of vascular plant richness at very fine spatial scale in sub-Mediterranean limestone grasslands (Central Apennines, Italy).


Anti-proliferative effect of pomegranate peel extracts on bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)


Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of pomegranate peel extracts on bovine mammaryepithelial cells BME-UV1


Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Pomegranate Peel Extracts on In Vitro Human Intestinal Caco-2 Cells and Ex Vivo Porcine Colonic Tissue Explants