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  • Admissions of International students for the A.Y. 2023/2024 started on January 2023.
  • Admission interviews calendar, and booking forms are available on the course page.






UNITUS will take care of you, alongside your study experience.

First steps:

  1. Book an admission interview (only for Master's Degree): Book an admission interview with the responsible professor of the Master degree program, contacts are available at the course’s page. Italian language skills are mandatory for enrolling in all courses taught in Italian. If you have an Italian high school diploma (obtained in Italy or abroad) or have a B2 or a higher level language proficiency certificate issued by one of the members of the CLIQ (Quality Certification of the Italian Language), you are not required to sit for the Italian Language exam. If you do not have an Italian Language Certificate, you are required to sit for an Italian language exam to verify adequate language skills and knowledge.
  2. Pre-enrol on Universitaly (Pre-enrolments on Universitaly for a.y. 2023/24 are open from April 2023). Start your pre-enrolment procedure by creating your account on UNIVERSITALY web portal and filling the “pre-enrolment application” online. Read the new Italian Ministry Guidelines for enrolment of international students a.y. 2023/24.
  3. Upload the required documents on Universitaly: In order to enrol at an Italian University, PREVIOUS SCHOOLING OR ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION are required. For undergraduate degree and Single cycle degree; copy of your passport, original/certified copy of your high school diploma (or equivalent certificate), obtained after at least 12 years of schooling, provided with Apostille or legalization by the competent Italian Consulate and a certified translation into Italian (the translation into Italian is not required if the original document is issued in English), Italian language certificate B2. For postgraduate degrees: copy of your passport, original/certified copy of your undergraduate degree achieved after at least 3 academic years provided with Apostille or a legalization by the competent Italian Consulate and a certified translation into Italian (the translation into Italian is not required if the original document is issued in English), Transcript of Records. The Ministry's circular on the procedures for the enrolment of international students for the academic year 2023/2024 clarifies that: "The institutions of higher education, depending on the characteristics of the courses of study chosen by individual candidates, acquire all the attestations necessary to assess the suitability of the foreign qualification and to verify its authenticity before submitting visa applications, in order to prevent a validly pre-enrolled candidate from being unable to finalise enrolment once he has arrived in Italy". For this reason, it will be necessary to upload to Universitaly the study qualification legalised or with apostille and the Declaration of Value or Diploma Supplement.
    As an alternative to legalisation and apostille, the CIMEA's Statement of Verification can be submitted.
    As an alternative to the Declaration of Value or Diploma Supplement, the CIMEA's Statement of Comparability may be submitted (see the CIMEA section below for further information).
  4. Apply for a Visa: When your pre-enrolment application on Universitaly has been validated by the University of Tuscia international students desk, schedule an appointment at the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate for the Visa application. Please note that the decision on issuing a Visa for study purposes is the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate and the confirmation of acceptance that you will receive in reply to your online application is to be considered a supporting document to the visa assessment procedures but does not automatically guarantee VISA issuance. To obtain an entry visa for study purposes for University enrolment and, subsequently, of a residency permit, the foreign student must demonstrate being in possession of the following requisites: economic means for subsistence during the planned stay. These means are quantified as € 467.65 per month for each month of duration of the academic year, equal to € 6,079.45 per year. The availability in Italy of such means of support must be proven through personal or parental economic guarantees, or provided by Italian Institutions or Authorities of proven liquidity, including Universities, local Government, foreign Institutions or Authorities deemed reliable by the Italian diplomatic Mission; they cannot be demonstrated through the exhibition of a bank guarantee, or of a guarantee insurance policy, and neither with cash or guarantees supplied by third parties.
  5. Fees and Taxes for International students: According to the University regulation for taxes and fees, the registration fee for extra EU students is fixed at € 1,000 per year. Students coming from one of the countries included in the list of the Ministry of Education will pay € 533.79 per year.
  6. Contact us: We are kindly asking you to fill in this form, we would be glad to support you along the procedure to enrol in one of our programs. We will get back to you promptly.

Further information: 

Office hour


International students

(at the Student Office - Segreteria Unica)

Erasmus students (outgoing)

Erasmus students (incoming)


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With the aim of speeding up the procedures for the evaluation of foreign qualifications and facilitating the collection of the necessary documentation by candidates, the University of Tuscia has signed an agreement with CIMEA (ENIC/NARIC network) under which CIMEA will provide Statements of Comparability* quickly and at favourable prices for applicants of our University.

In particular, the Statement of Comparability (for each foreign qualification) will be issued within 30 working days from the date of completion of the required documentation for €150.00 (VAT included).

The Statement of Comparability is accepted by the University as an alternative to the Declaration of Value and/or the Diploma Supplement.

If your qualification is not legalised or without apostilled, you will also need to apply for the CIMEA's Statement of Verification (price: € 65 VAT included).

To take advantage of the benefits of this Convention, interested candidates can register on the CIMEA Diploma platform through the following link specifically dedicated to our University:


 *The Statement of Comparability is a document that allows the University to understand the level of your foreign qualification in order to verify that it is suitable for participation in the admission procedure for the course of study of your interest.





CISIA consortium

Test of italian competencies for foreign students enrolling in programs taught in Italian.

The University of Tuscia is a member of the CISIA consortium (Consorzio Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l'Accesso - Inter-University Consortium for Integrated Access Systems), which supports universities in the activities of organising and delivering entrance tests and entry knowledge tests for enrolling in Italian university courses. For international students who wish to enrol at the University of Tuscia and who do not have a language certificate, it provides the Italian L2 test. The cost for the test is 20 euros.

Please note that there are no additional slots available for the year 2023.



<33 NOT ADMITTED (non ammesso/a)
33-48 ADMITTED WITH COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSE (ammesso con obbligo di frequenza del corso di italiano)
>48 ADMITTED (ammesso/a)





If you are an Erasmus+ European student Click here

If you are an Erasmus+ Extra European student, check if your HEI is in the list of the agreements that University of Tuscia has in place by clicking HERE.