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Recommendation for Coronavirus

Dear All,

I am happy to inform you that our University, thanks to a great organizational effort, will be able to restart the teaching activities - albeit gradually - starting from Monday 9 March in e-learning mode. The IT Services Unit has developed a procedure that will allow teachers to record lessons in audio or audio-video on their PC and make them accessible to students via the Moodle platform, together with the all the teaching material.

These activities will be considered as part of the curricular activities in compliance to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 4 March 2020 which states that "in universities [...] for the entire duration of the suspension, teaching or curricular activities can be carried out remotely, wherever possible, taking students with disabilities in particular care".

I also confirm that all the educational activities that cannot be delivered remotely, including exams and tests, will be caught up after the ordinary functionality will be restored. Your educational activities will be continued regularly.

Operating instructions are available at this link:

I also inform you that the technical and administrative services are regular. We recommend using distance methods (email and telephone) and to go in person to the offices only by appointment and if strictly necessary. I also confirm that research activities, in the University and in the departments, work regularly.

I want to thank the technical and administrative staff who with great effort is striving to guarantee the teaching activity to all our students and the administrative activity of the University, in this situation of national emergency.

Best wishes,

The Rector

Prof. Stefano Ubertini

Within the precautionary measures adopted by the University to protect the public health, we inform you that offices and studies will be sanitized in the morning.
Starting from 14.00 on 5 March, an intervention with sprayed product is scheduled in all the university premises therefore until 7.30 of 6 March, access to all classrooms, offices and premises of the S. Maria in Gradi complex and all the other university buildings located in the Municipality of Viterbo WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.
We would like to thank you for your collaboration, and we are available at the following mail: .


Unitus Students trips to affected areas

Secondary school and university students are highly recommended not to travel to the areas affected by the 2019-nCoV infection, given the global epidemiological situation and in order to reduce the general risk of acute respiratory infections.

If travel in the affected areas has already started, the interested parties must comply with the following indications:

i. avoid visiting markets for fresh food of animal origin and live animals;

ii.avoid contacts with people who have respiratory symptoms;

iii.wash your hands frequently;

iv. contact the Embassy or Consulate for any emergency;

v. if a person develops respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties) while in risky areas, they should seek for immediate medical attention.

These indications, also valid for teachers, researchers and university staff, are subject to modification as the epidemiological situation changes.