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Cooperazione tecnico-scientifica con lo IAMB (BA)

Cooperazione tecnico-scientifica con lo IAMB (BA) per la caratterizzazione geneticomolecolare di isolati di Pseudomonas savastanoi

Ente finanziatore: risorse dei ricercatori

Unità di Ricerca DAFNE UNITUS
Responsabile scientifico Prof. GM BALESTRA
Partecipanti: Dr. A. Mazzaglia, Dr. Rahi, Yaseen Jundi
Durata: 2017 – 2019

Pseudomonas savastanoi is a bacterial species subtyped in several pathovars that are casual agents of knots disease on olive and oleander, and bacterial canker on ash. An MLVA approach was developed to assess genetic diversity between and within these pathovars. Analysing the genome of P. savastanoi pv. savastanoi strain NCPPB 3335 (accession n°CP008742), 20 Tandem Repeat (TR) loci were selected, corresponding primers were designed and used for the amplification of genomic DNA from 54 strains belonging to the pathovars savastanoi, nerii, and fraxini. Then, capillary electrophoresis was used to exactly estimate the  dimension of the amplicons and, consequently, the TR numbers per each locus in each strain. Due to amplification failure, production of multiple amplicons, or low reproducibility, 5 loci were discarded and the remaining 15 were used for the final MLVA analysis. Genetic relationship between the strains was assessed in relation to pathovar classification and to the geographic and time origin of the individuals. The assay represents a promising tool for the identification and tracking of P. savastanoi populations.

Yaseen Jundi Rahi, Maria Claudia Taratufolo, Matteo Cerboneschi, Stefania Tegli, Franco Valentini, Anna Maria D’Onghia, Nicola Sante Iacobellis, Giorgio Mariano Balestra, Angelo Mazzaglia (2018).
A novel MLVA assay to genotype Pseudomonas savastanoi strains at inter- and intra-pathovar level (4-7 June 2018, Florenze (I) IOBC OILB WPRS/SROP 8th IOBC-WPRS meeting on “Integrated Protection of Olive Crops”.