Master Honoris Causa to Gen. C.A. Dott Andrea Rispoli
24 april

On April 24, the honoris causa master’s degree “Governance delle Zone Montane Italiane” awarding ceremony to Gen. C.A. Andrea Rispoli, Commander of the Carabinieri’s Forestry, Environmental and Agri-food Units Command (CUFAA), will be held at the Aula Magna – Rettorato, Via S. Maria in Gradi.

Prior to assuming command of this new but very important Carabinieri Unit, which has taken over the legacy of the glorious State Forestry Corps, Gen. Rispoli held numerous command posts in the national territory, including the Carabinieri Interregional Command “Ogaden” in Naples, the CC Calabria Legion, the CC Lazio Legion, and the CC Command at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The extensive experience thus acquired represents the best guarantee for the effective direction of a Unit whose role is proving increasingly important for the entire country, especially at a juncture such as the current one in which climate change is causing significant environmental alterations that put vast areas of the national territory at serious risk.

The awarding of the Master’s degree to Gen. Rispoli also represents the recognition of the importance that the University of Tuscia attaches to the Arma with which, since the establishment of the CUFAA, a true partnership has been created for the scientific and technical training of personnel assigned to the forestry role who work in both the Forest and National Parks Protection Command and the Biodiversity Command. On the other hand, the Degree Course in Mountain Sciences makes use of the profound expertise of CUFAA officers who, in the capacity of lecturers, are entrusted with the teaching of some disciplines included in the curricular training course. Of no less importance are other joint experiences such as research activities on programs of mutual interest, such as studies on soil erosion in forests or the management of green areas in urban areas, the organization of numerous conferences and seminars, and exercise activities for the benefit of Tuscia students at reserves and other areas managed by the CUFAA.

Here is the program of the event.

The event can also be followed on the Zoom platform.