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Enrolment for EU students


Registration for the Academic Year 2020/2021

From August 1st 2020 to October 31st 2020 it is possible to register for the academic year 2020/2021.

In the session of October 29th 2020, the UNITUS Board of Directors resolved to authorize the extension for the academic year 2020/21, without charge of the arrears, due:

a) on November 30th, 2020, the deadline (previously set for October 31) for the applications for enrolment in bachelors, master's and single-cycle degree courses;

b) on February 28th, 2021, the deadline for enrolment in master's degree courses for students who, while taking the degree final exam by December 31th, 2020, will have recovered the university credits ascertained by February 2021 and having acquired the relative credits necessary to enrol;

c) on November 30th, 2020, the deadline for enrolment for incoming transfer towards first and second level courses with free access.

It is reiterated what has already been stated in the Tax Regulations for the academic year 2020/21 that all students enrolling in the first year of a master's degree course after 31 December 2020 are required to acquire from CAF the ''ISEE 2020" no later than 31 December 2020.


The registration procedure is available exclusively online at and is effective after the payment of registration fees. There is an entry test, or an evaluation test that the student takes to complete the registration procedure for the chosen degree course. It does not have a selective character and does not preclude enrolment in the University course, but it allows to students to evaluate their general level of preparation. The test aims to identify possible gaps for whose compensation the Department will set support activities, in order to make the frequency of the chosen course more profitable. Students who do not achieve a positive result must fulfill additional training obligations within the first year of the course.


Entry to limited access degree courses in Industrial Engineering and in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage is governed by specific calls, which are published here and here respectively.


Admission and enrolment in the 1st year of the freely accessible master's degree courses is subjected to the possession of specific curricular requirements and the adequacy of the student's personal preparation. The types of tests to verify the abovementioned requirements and their performance are published on the websites of the Departments.


The steps to follow in order to register on the Portal (it is advisable to use a PC to facilitate viewing the contents):

  • have the data of your upper secondary school diploma (grade, degree, name and type of college attended and if graduated, data relating to the previous degree);
  • have a passport photo in digital format in your pc or smartphone .png, .jpeg, .gif;
  • have a front/back digital copy of a valid identity document (national identity card or passport) in your PC or smartphone;
  • have your fiscal code (tax code) number;
  • have a valid email address useful to be used for your registration;
  • have the ISEE 2020 certificate with you (if you intend to request your inclusion in the contribution brackets and/or partial or total exemptions);
  • access;
  • click on “Not registered? Register now ”to create a user profile;
  • insert personal data and tax code;
  • enter the password and the security question/answer in the "portal access data" item;
  • enter your contact details (valid email required to receive the link to successfully activate your student account);
  • read and accept the privacy policy and select "continue";
  • once your registration is successfully done, your username is indicated and the portal can be accessed by activating the account through the confirmation link sent to the email address you indicated.

Steps to follow to enroll in a degree course:

  • at the new access, complete the registration of the data relating to residence, domicile and citizenship (always select "send data" at the end of data entry) in the PERSONAL DATA field;
  • insert your photo, browsing among those in the folders of your pc/smartphone, cut out photos (click on the green flag to proceed - if you do not see the green flag the browser display must be reduced with the CTRL + key -);
  • complete the PERSONAL DATA section indicating -if existing- any invalidity or DSA declarations; the ISEE item is very important, because here it is possible to authorize the download of the ISEE from the INPS system (always click “proceed” at the end of the authorization and send the request);
  • click on the "Registrations" menu> degrees> Registration and enrolment> Enrolment request and then enter the date of achievement of your high school diploma;
  • click on the " Registrations " menu> degrees> Registrations and enrolment> Enrolment application and choose the type of course (bachelor, master’s, single-cycle master's);
  • click on the "list" item to find the chosen degree course and click on enrolment;
  • indicate the type of matriculation (matriculation, transfer from another university, matriculation with abbreviation for qualification already achieved; matriculation with recognition of exams following renunciation; matriculation with recognition of exams following forfeiture) and click on proceed;
  • at this point, if all the data are correct, click on "proceed with registration";
  • the registration request has been successfully sent; now select "go to the taxes, contributions and payments area";
  • choose the method of payment with PagoPA* bulletins (PagoPA is an initiative that allows citizens and businesses to pay the Public Administration electronically): payment notice (bulletin); send payment notice (bulletin) in email; "Pay now" by credit card.