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ERC Starting Grantees

European Research Council (ERC) Grantees Recruitment

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (RTDB) for ERC Starting Grantees (StG) with UNITUS as Host Institution


University of Tuscia (UNITUS) aims at creating a favorable environment and an appropriate socio-ecosystem for world-class academics. To provide outstanding researchers with both short- and long-term perspectives, UNITUS offers the possibility of Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (RTDB - Ricercatore a tempo determinato B) to successful Starting Grantees of the European Research Council (ERC) (for candidates 2-7 years after their Ph.D.) with UNITUS as Host Institution, to be converted into an Associate Professor after three years, following favorable evaluations from the Department and the University Recruitment Committee, and the award of the National Habilitation as Associate Professor from a National Evaluation Committee.


If you were awarded for a Starting Grant (StG) to the ERC and are interested in joining UNITUS’s research community, you can apply to the call available here.


If you have submitted a proposal for a Starting Grant (StG) to the ERC (Call ERC-2020-StG) and are interested in joining UNITUS’s research community, please contact us at in order to get support throughout the process as soon as possible.


If you have not submitted a proposal for a Starting Grant (StG) to the ERC and are interested in submitting to the Call ERC-2021-StG with UNITUS as a Host Institution, please contact us at in order to get support throughout the process as soon as possible.



Tenure-Track Assistant Professors (RTDB) are recruited with non-renewable three-year contracts, full-time only, with the possibility of transferring to associate professor (Article 24 paragraph 5), after the positive evaluation of the activities carried out.


Requirements for an ERC StG application:

  • 2-7 years of experience after the Ph.D.
  • Excellent track record (e.g., significant publications, invited presentations to peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences and/or international advanced schools).
  • Ground-breaking, novel, and innovative research project.


Requirements for the Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (RTDB) and recruitment procedure:

  • UNITUS offers the possibility of Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (RTDB) to successful applicants for ERC Starting Grants (Call ERC-2021-StG) who sign their first Grant Agreement with the UNITUS as Host Institution.
  • The appointment requires the National Habilitation for Associate Professor.
  • The appointment requires the successful completion of a selection procedure (analogous to standard faculty appointments) by the respective Department.
  • As a first step, interested candidates are requested to get in touch with the team of Talent Valorization and Attraction who is going to find the appropriate match from UNITUS Faculty and get further information on UNITUS’s professors. If you have already been in scientific contact with the faculty member let us know.
  • On initiative of one of its members, the respective professor starts a selection procedure for the appointment to the Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (RTDB) after the ERC application is approved for the second stage of the evaluation process.
  • The initial appointment will be for three years. After a minimum of three years, the appointment can be converted into a permanent position depending on positive evaluation of the candidate’s performance in research and teaching and if all legal conditions are met.
  • UNITUS is an equal opportunity employer and intends to enhance the diversity of its faculty members. Furthermore, UNITUS provides newly appointed professors with various types of support, such as a fully funded Ph.D. scholarship and welcoming services.


If you intend to apply with UNITUS as Host Institution for an ERC Starting Grant, we can provide assistance for the preparation of your ERC grant proposal.


Principal Investigators have the right to require the transfer of their research project to a new beneficiary, as long as the research objectives of the project are preserved. Grant portability empowers researchers and gives them freedom to bring their research and research team with them.