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The DSFD2021 will take place from 13 to 17 September 2021 at “Aula Magna G.T. Scaracia Mugnozza” of the Rectorate, Complex of Santa Maria in Gradi, Via S. Maria in Gradi nr 4, Viterbo.  




How to reach Viterbo:

  • By train from Roma Termini. Many trains (about 1 per hour) are scheduled from Roma Termini to the two Viterbo Stations (Porta Fiorentina and Porta Romana). The journey takes about 2 hours through a regional connection. Porta Romana is the nearest station to the complex of Santa Maria in Gradi (5 minutes by walking); additionally, the Porta Fiorentina station is pretty near to the conference place (1.6 km). You can visit national train-line website:

  • Alternatively you can take (from Roma Termini) a rapid regional connection to Orte Scalo station (about 40 minutes  - cost 5.10€). From Orte station (outside the train station) you can take a bus to Viterbo (30 minutes journey - you can buy the ticket onboard). For additional info about bus connection visit the website:

  • By train from Roma Trastevere. You can take a regional train from Roma Trastevere to Viterbo. The journey takes about 1h and 40min and it costs 5.60€. Additional info at

  • By train from Fiumicino International Airport. You can take the Leonardo Express (one every 15minutes - cost of 14€ per trip) from the Airport to Roma Termini and from there the connection to Viterbo. Alternatively, from Fiumicino International Airport you can use a regional connection to Roma Trastevere (26 minutes - cost of 8€) and from there the connection to Viterbo.

  • By bus from Rome - Cotral (local transportation line) Roma - Viterbo/Viterbo - Roma:

    • From Roma Saxa Rubra (direct connection to Viterbo Porta Romana (one bus every 30 minutes) 

    • from Orte Scalo direct connection to Viterbo Riello 

Additional info at