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DEIM has a staff of professors and researchers with a broad range of knowledge and skills in business administration, economics and policy, mathematics and statistics. Departmental activities are related to research and teaching activities, support to training activities, as well as consulting services for firms and public administration. DEIM’s main research areas include: agriculture and natural resource economics and policy (economics of food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation, farm models); general economics (EU monetary policy and taxation system); business administration (accounting, corporate and management control, and quality management); mathematics-statistics (econometric models, game theory, consumption models); public policy (Common Agricultural Policy, EU environmental policies, EU policies on food safety and quality control in agro-industry); and engineering (mechanics, energy and bioenergy).

  • Full list of courses offered by the Department in 2018-19 (LINK) (last update 2/10/2018)
  • The Department will be offering classes in English starting from the Academic Year 2018/9.
  • List of courses provided in english language : LINK
  • Contacts at DEIM at:
    • Economics : Prof. Giulio Guarini -

    • Political sciences: Prof.ssa Barbara Pancino -

    • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Mauro Villarini -

    • Marketing and Quality; Management, Finance, and Controlling: Prof. Alessio Braccini -

  • Language Service Unit:; Phone 0761-357897; Location: c/o DISTU, Via San Carlo, 32, 01100, Viterbo.